I’m sad the folks behind the upcoming One Billion Rising - Toronto have planned their rally, with some great voices, to take place at the same time as For Our Sisters: Toronto’s 8th Annual Women’s Memorial March, an annual march for missing and murdered women. The Women’s Memorial March has taken place on Feb. 14th for over 20 years across Canada previous to One Billion Rising.

I wish One Billion Rising organizers across Canada would support and join Women’s Memorial Marches, especially to support the push for a public inquiry led by Indigenous grass roots women into the hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.

If I can make it to any rally, it will be the For Our Sisters rally.

I encourage folks to voice a desire to One Billion Rising organizers across Canada to support annual Women’s Memorial Marches happening on the same day. 

*Update: I voiced my sadness at the overlapping scheduling of these two rallies with One Billion Rising Toronto and was further disappointed by a lack of engagement on their behalf. They voiced “solidarity” but actively disengaged from any actions of solidarity or offering public recognition of Women’s Memorial Marches taking place on Feb. 14th. Directly after my exchange with them, my post with all of this commentary including a link to the For Our Sisters rally and a request that they share it was no longer visible on their event page. Whatever the reason for removing this exchange, dialogue has ceased with One Billion Rising Toronto and there is still no acknowledgement from them of the significant and established Women’s Memorial Marches. I’m greatly saddened by this.