~ #MMIWG So you want a national inquiry?

Really fantastic criticism of a national Canadian inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. I’m not sure what to feel when I’ve heard many other Indigenous women and organizations supporting Indigenous communities call for a national inquiry, a position I’ve supported, but this piece offers necessary reflection.

"Let’s get all up in arms about a process that is created by a colonial government and that doesn’t hold a colonial government accountable for its actions in remaining complicit in the violence against Indigenous women."

~ Alleged rape victim arrested to force her to cooperate in the case against her abusers.

Livid and so disappointed in this kind of feminism.

Feminist Amanda Marcotte has perpetuated incredibly harmful victim blaming and violent oppression by supporting the criminalization of rape victims. Telling people who’ve been assaulted that it’s their fault if someone commits further violence is flat out victim blaming and negates the responsibility of the person who’s caused this harm. Reporting doesn’t stop sexual violence and frequently further blames, shames and stigmatizes survivors, as we clearly see every day. Forcing people who’ve been sexually assaulted into police stations, courts and jail is never supportive. This only upholds and affirms rape culture.

Listen to survivors, believe survivors, and support survivors in the decisions they make to avoid the police and justice systems, or to report.


can we stop referring to all sex that could possibly result in pregnancy as “heterosexual reproduction” now

femme confession

Sometimes I don’t feel like I can live up to “femme”. For years I felt I was only up to owning “part-time femme”. Femmeness both feels natural and a blend of so many collaborative parts of my gender identity and terribly scary and un-live-up-to-able. It feels like a really good outfit that my gender can sometimes look great in or look awkward and unsettled in.

"When I talked to friends and acquaintances about self-love, I was surprised to see how many of us feel troubled by the notion, as though the very idea implies too much narcissism or selfishness. We all need to rid ourselves of misguided notions about self-love. We need to stop fearfully equating it with self-centredness and selfishness. Self-love is the foundation of our loving practice. Without it our other efforts to love fail. Giving ourselves love we provide our inner being with the opportunity to have unconditional love we may have always longed to receive from someone else…When we give this precious gift to ourselves, we are able to reach out to others from a place of fulfillments and not from a place of lack."

bell hooks, All About Love  (via tobeya)

"The perpetuation of the mythology that trans women deserve violence because we “deceive” straight men needs to be debunked and put to rest once and for all."

Laverne Cox, in a Huffington Post essay for Transgender Day of Remembrance (via alltheforestdwellers)

(Source: janetmock)